Rubber band through finger trick: Tutorial with images

This is an amazing magic trick that makes it look like an ordinary rubber band can actually slide through one of your fingers. I will explain this illusion in detail and show you, how you can perform it yourself!

How does the “rubber band through finger trick” work?

For this magic trick, you need only an ordinary rubber band, the secret is the technique with which you wrap the band around your finger. This creates the illusion that the rubber “penetrates” the finger.

Let’s get started.

You can find another (very easy) rubber trick using only your hands right here.

How the trick looks from the spectator’s view

Before I explain the trick itself, let me show you how it looks for the audience.

You wrap a rubber band around his thumb and pull it several times to show that the rubber is wrapped tightly around your finger. However, at your command, the rubber band passes through the thumb undamaged.

This is how the rubber band looks when put around the thumb:

Rubber band through finger 1
The rubber band looks when put around the thumb

With only one word, the rubber band just slides through your thumb without any damage.

Rubber band through finger 2
The rubber band slides through your finger

I will explain every single movement in detail, so you can perform this great little trick yourself.

Let’s get started.

How can perform the “Rubber band through finger” trick yourself

All you need for this trick is an ordinary rubber band, nothing else. It all comes down to the right technique.

How is this trick done?

In order for the rubber band to “pass-through” your finger, you have to wrap it around your thumb using a special technique. This creates a small loop that only comes loose when enough tension is applied, creating the illusion that the rubber is penetrating your finger.

I’ve found this video explaining the trick as well.

Rubber Band Through Thumb - Revealed

Another quick note:
You can use any rubber for this trick, but it can be helpful to try different sizes and thicknesses. Find out for yourself what works best.

Also, it may take a few tries before you get the trick right the first time. Follow the instructions carefully and take your time, and you will learn this magic trick in no time!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

For this trick, you need both of your hands and a rubber band that you can stretch far enough.

First, put the rubber band around your middle and index finger and the thumb of your right hand. Then pull the rubber band outward with your left thumb.

By the way: If anything doesn’t work out – check the end of this post. I’ve included the most common mistakes and how to correct them.

This is your starting position.

Rubber band through finger explained 1

Pull the rubber band outward with your left thumb.

Rubber band through finger explained 2

Now, put your left index finger on top of the rubber band and pull it back (away from your body).

Rubber band through finger explained 3

When learning the movement, using a long rubber band really helps because it can be pulled a lot easier.

Rubber band through finger explained 4

The last two steps seem very confusing at first glance, but they are not that difficult.

Turn your left index finger under the rubber. It should look something like this now:

Rubber band through finger explained 5

Next, you just have to move both hands towards each other. The left index finger should be exactly under the left thumb, the right hand is above the left.

This looks really confusing on the image below (I know), but trust me, once you try it, you know how it’s done!

Rubber band through finger explained 6

If you did everything correctly, there should now be a small loop under your left thumb where your left index finger is (check the image above).

You are almost done now. The last thing you do is pull your left index finger out of the loop, the rubber should stay wrapped around your thumb.

This little loop under your left thumb keeps the rubber band in place.

Rubber band through finger explained 7

From the right angle, you can’t see the little mess underneath your thumb and it looks like the rubber band it put around your finger safely.

Rubber band through finger

You can even move your hands pretty freely once you are in this position. This way, you can show the rubber band to all spectators before it slides through your thumb.

Just make sure that nobody can see the little loop underneath your thumb!

To let the rubber band then “penetrate” your thumb, you can simply increase the tension or pull the fingers of your right hand apart. Just try out how your rubber band behaves, you’ll get a feel for it pretty quickly!

If you are looking for another rubber band trick, you can find the “Crazy Man’s Handcuffs” right here. It’s a very popular magic trick and a great illusion, but it takes some practice to master it.

Common mistakes: Rubber band through thumb

If the trick just won’t work, don’t despair – here are my tips on the most popular mistakes.

The rubber band immediately penetrates the thumb when the index finger is pulled out of the loop.
The most common mistake: the rubber band simply does not stay on the thumb, but immediately jumps up. This can have several causes:

  • Use a different (more elastic and larger) rubber band.
  • It also helps if you bring the fingers of your right hand as close together as possible. The further apart they are, the higher the probability that the rubber band will jump up immediately.
  • Additionally, you can still increase (or decrease) the tension on the band and see how it behaves.

The rubber band gets knotted/tangled.
If this happens, you’re doing some hand movement wrong. Look at our instructions again carefully and do everything exactly as shown.

The band stays wrapped around your thumb.
If the elastic doesn’t come off your thumb, the loop is too tight. A few things you can try:

  • Pull the rubber apart with the fingers of your right hand and move it down. The closer your hands get, the easier the rubber will come off.
  • If that doesn’t help, you can “shake” your hands a little and shake them, the small movements will loosen the loop.
  • If the band is still wrapped around your thumb, use a different one or don’t tighten the loop quite as much.

Just keep trying, you will get there eventually!

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