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Hi, I’m Darell! Welcome to Trickla, the place where I share countless magic tutorials and explain many popular illusions of well-known magicians. My goal is to inspire other people, by spreading my love for magic and sharing everything I’ve learned other the years!

About me

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Growing up, I’ve always loved magic tricks and other illusions that made me believe that magic is real. Today, I know that (most of them at least) are clever illusions, but I still really like the idea of creating special moments with magic tricks.

I’ve been interested in magic since I was a kid and got in touch with my first magic set. After learning a few basic tricks, I soon started searching the internet for even more tutorials, how-to guides, and explanations about famous illusions.

After learning some basic magic principles, I quickly wanted to find some “good” magic tricks – the ones that are really impressive and leave your spectators speechless. It turned out that it was harder than I thought to find tutorials, that are easy to follow and explain some actually good magic tricks. While there are many people showing basic illusions, it got quite challenging to find serious tricks with proper how-to guides.

Accordingly, it took me a lot of time to really learn magic and start performing impressive tricks, that my viewers couldn’t figure out.

There’s one principle I’ve always tried to follow: You don’t need a lot of special gimmicks or tools for magic. A few sets of cards, some basic, everyday objects and you’re good to go. Magic is more about the moments you can create, not about the things you use.

This is exactly what I’m trying to share with this website.

After many years, I decided to start this site and share my knowledge about all the different things I’ve learned. You’ll find tutorials, explanations of popular illusions, and a lot of other interesting posts all-around magic.

Tutorials of many different magic tricks
You can find my latest magic tutorials right here. If possible, I always try to take some photos and explain the tricks as well as I can. You will usually find one or two videos explaining them (if I managed to find good videos).

Popular tricks & illusions explained
Have you ever wondered how magicians can pull bunnies out of hats or how they can eat real glass? You’ve come to the right place – right here, you will find explanations for many different famous magic tricks.

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Have fun reading!

By the way, if you find a mistake or have any other issues with the site, make sure to contact me! You can find me on LinkedIn as well. To find all my other social profiles, check my Linktree.

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