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You will find articles about popular tricks, famous illusions, and everything else there is about magic.

I’ve been interested in magic since I was a kid and got in touch with my first magic set. After learning a few basic tricks, I soon started searching the internet for even more tutorials, how-to guides, and explanations about popular illusions.

After many years, I decided to start this site and share my knowledge about all the different things that I’ve learned so far.

Tutorials of many different magic tricks
You can find my latest magic tutorials right here. If it’s possible, I always try to take some photos and explain the tricks as well as I can. You will usually find one or two videos explaining them as well.

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Popular tricks & illusions explained
Have you ever wondered how magicians can pull bunnies out of hats or how they can eat real glass? You’ve come to the right place – right here, you will find explanations for many different famous magic tricks.

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