Is magic real or a trick? How magicians can do their tricks

Magic has fascinated people for thousands of years. And many started believing that these magic tricks are actually real. I will answer the questions whether or not it’s true and explain the techniques that many magicians use for their tricks.

Is magic real or only an illusion?

At the very core, magic is mostly based on simple tricks and misdirection, combined with the right performance. However, the real magic doesn’t happen in the magician’s hands but in the viewer’s heads.

Let’s get started.

Do any real magic tricks exist or are they all only an illusion?

Magic has been around forever, and people have been fascinated by it since the very beginning. Until today, magic is very popular and the tricks keep getting better and better. All of this leads to the question, whether or not real magic actually exists.

And honestly, in my opinion, it depends on who you ask.

Ask a magician or a performer if magic exists, and he will most certainly say no.

If you really break it down, magic is nothing more than an illusion, usually using simple tricks. One very famous example is the magic hat trick, where a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat that appeared to be empty.

The secret behind the trick is rather simple: The rabbit is either hidden inside a false bottom or sneaked in using sleight of hand. By the way, if you are interested, you can read everything about how magicians manage to pull rabbits out of hats right here. To the magician, it’s just one small move, but for the viewers, it can really feel like magic.

So, in my opinion, the magic doesn’t happen in the magician’s hands, because he’s basically just doing some moves he’s practiced hundreds of times.

The magic happens when people are watching and really start to believe that the illusion is real. That’s what it’s all about.

Another famous example is the spoon bending trick, which got really popular with Uri Geller. Again, he probably just used spoons made out of a specific material that can be bent easily, but many people believed that the magic is real.

If you want to know exactly how he did his spoon-bending tricks, you can read my post about it, I’ve explained all the different ways of how magicians are able to bend spoons.

Is card magic real or only a trick?

Card magic is very popular and a classic act in magic. There are hundreds of card tricks, some of them are pretty easy to understand, others take years to master.

But all cards tricks have something in common: They require practice, and the magician is always one step ahead. It can be achieved by manipulating, controlling, counting, or marking the cards.

At the very core, card tricks are based on a few principles that can be learned and mastered if you are willing to put in the time. This is why they are such a great option for beginners trying to learn the first tricks.

To break it down: in my opinion, card tricks themselves aren’t magic. If you want to learn how they are done, you can find a few of them on this website.

In this post, I’ve explained how to guess a card that someone is thinking of.

If you are looking for another popular card trick, you can learn how to do the three piles card trick right here.

Again, it all depends on how the card tricks are delivered, and the magic really only happens in the heads of the viewers.

Can magicians read the minds of their audience?

This is a topic that has been discussed a lot, and many people actually believe that mind-reading is possible. And before I continue, I just want to clarify that there are two different “categories” of mind-reading tricks.

First, there are illusions performed on stages for small audiences, and they are typically really clever tricks. It might look like the magician can read minds, but trust me, it’s just a well-pracited trick.

You can use all kinds of props for these tricks, including a deck of cards. You can check out this mind-reading card trick I’ve explained in detail to get an idea of how these tricks work.

But they are way more mind-reading tricks out than you might think. I’ve explained a few of them, if you are curious, feel free to check them out. Most of them are based on the same principles, but the important part of these illusions is the performance.

These are a few of the mind-reading tricks I’ve explained in detail:

But there is another way to mental magic as well.

The second category of mind-reading illusions includes tricks that are done by predicting the behavior or character of other people. These tricks are based on experience and intuition, and techniques like hot and cold reading.

I don’t have a lot of experience with these methods, but I know that it can be done. And the many people, it looks like real mind-reading, even though it’s essentially just strategic guessing with a touch of experience and luck.

To sum things up, I don’t think that mind-reading is possible. It’s either based on tricks or psychological techniques, making it look like real magic, even though it’s not.

Do real magicians exist, that can actually do magic?

This is a popular question that is very hard to answer. It all depends on how you define “magic”.

But if we are talking about Hogwarts magic that includes supernatural powers, then I’m sorry: no magician can do such tricks.

However, many famous performers are pretty close in my opinion. In this case, the magic really happens when they manage to create a moment that makes it look like an actual miracle is happening.

A very popular magician is David Blaine, who has done uncountable tricks that require extreme control about his body. Due to his pain resistance and very good technique, combined with his extraordinary stage presence, he makes it look like he’s a real magician. However, in the end, he’s just a human being, like everyone else.

For instance, if you want to understand how David Blaine is able to eat real glass, you can check out this post where I’ve explained his technique.

Some other tricks that make it look like the performer has super-natural powers are probably tricks like the “Floating Table trick” or a person sitting on an invisible chair in the air. But whenever you take a closer look at these illusions, they can always be explained with some rather easy principles.

Is it possible to learn real magic?

If you want to learn real magic, you might find everything you need on this website. But it depends on how you define it.

Predicting the future or truly reading the mind of another person just isn’t possible.

But with the right tricks, you can make it look like real magic for the people that are watching.

For me, being able to do real magic means creating a special moment for the audience. A moment where everyone stops thinking rationally and starts to believe that magic is actually real. Contrary to what many think, the principle of the trick itself isn’t even as important. It’s all about the performance!

So if you want to learn real magic, make sure that you truly master the technique of the trick. But in the end, the one thing that will make the difference is only the performance.

If you want to get started with magic tricks, I would recommend you this mind-reading card trick that is very easy to master as well as this popular rubber band magic trick (it’s called “Crazy Man’s Handcuffs”).

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