Name something magicians make disappear (List of 21 things)

Right here, you will find 21 different things that magicians make disappear. I’ve included some more ideas than the obvious ones (rabbits, cards, money, etc.).

You can find the complete list down below.

21 things that magicians make disappear

1. Rabbits

2. Assistants / Spectators

3. Himself

4. Cards

5. Birds

6. Money bills

7. Coins

8. Flowers

9. Piece of silk

10. Rings

11. His hat

12. Sponge Balls

13. Piece of paper

15. A glass

16. Water (and other fluids)

17. Sugar, Salt, etc.

18. A toothpick

19. One of his fingers

20. The statue of liberty

21. An elephant

What do magicians make disappear?

There are many different things that magicians use for their vanishing tricks. It starts with small everyday items like coins, toothpicks, or salt and ends with living animals and giant buildings, like the statue of liberty.

Rabbits and Birds

Rabbits and birds are commonly used for magic tricks for several reasons. First of all, any magic trick with a living animal is pretty impressive. Rabbits are a great choice since they are quiet and usually stay still.

Rabbits are very popular and commonly used for magic tricks.

But there are other reasons why magicians use rabbits. They are popular, easy to get and cheap, and cute – everyone loves rabbits. Furthermore, their large feet and ears make them look bigger than they actually are, making them the perfect animal for magic tricks.

Tip: You can find out how magicians pull rabbits out of hats right here.

Magic tricks with birds are usually a lot more challenging since birds will always try to escape (and they can fly!). This is why most performers stay away from using them.

Assistants, Spectators, and the magician himself

Making a person disappear usually requires a larger contraption and can’t really be done up close. This illusion is mostly performed on bigger stages, in TV and magic shows.

The magician can either make his assistant or himself disappear, something you will even see a performer using a spectator for the trick. In most cases, the secret behind this illusion is some pretty smart engineered stage contraption.

Cards, Money Bills, and Coins

The classics in magic, that everyone has seen some tricks with: cards and money.

Cards are generally used for other effects, but magicians can make them disappear with sleight of hand as well. Money is commonly used for vanishing and reappearing tricks, one example is the famous “coin behind ear” trick.

In general, making cards, money bills, and coins disappear, requires a lot of skill and practice. Only experienced magicians will perform these tricks live in front of an audience.

Everyday items

Using everyday objects is very common in close-up magic and it always feels great to see some tricks with these. A few of the often-used items for magic are:

  • Flowers
  • Piece of silk
  • Rings
  • Hats
  • Sponge Balls
  • Piece of paper
  • A glass
  • Water (and other fluids)
  • Sugar, Salt, etc.
  • A toothpick

Just like with cards and money, the magician typically uses sleight of hand to make these things vanish. The techniques require a lot of practice and aren’t really suited for beginners.

However, there is one great method for disappearing tricks that even beginners can master very quickly.

In case you are interested: The secret is a special gimmick that you will find in many stores.

Tip: If you want to learn how you can easily vanish small items, you can check my tutorial for the disappearing magic trick right here.

The statue of liberty

This is one of the most famous disappearing magic tricks of all time. In 1983, David Copperfield made to statue of liberty disappear, with countless people watching.

Until this day, many people still know him for this one trick. It was one of many other illusions he has done during his career.

Elephants (and other animals)

Like I already mentioned above, using real animals for magic tricks always adds that little “extra”. Some magicians use rabbits and birds, while some others go crazy and really push their limits.

One of the most famous illusions with a giant animal is “The Vanishing Elephant”, performed by Harry Houdini in 1918. He has done it in a theatre in New York, using a giant cabinet that allowed him to hide the elephant and perform his illusion.

Two other world-known magicians that used wild animals for the tricks were Siegfried and Roy, they used white lions and white tigers for their illusions.

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